Patient Testimonials

Rahul Balaji

Hi, I'm Rahul. My mother was suffering from severe bleeding, we went to many hospital but it was of no use later, my cousin suggested Dr Deepak Rao and Rashmi hospital we consulted Doctor he was so polite and explained all our doubts in a very understanding manners.

My mother underwent laparoscopic hysterectomy, the surgery went very well and my mother is completely fine now. I thank Dr Deepak Rao and Dr Shalini Rao and the whole staff of Rashmi Hospital from bottom of my heart. I would recommend Dr Deepak Rao and Rashmi Hospital for all my friends and relatives.

Once again thank you doctor for your good care towards my mom....

Nikitha Niki

My mother underwent laparoscopic hysterectomy under Dr. Deepak Rao in Rashmi hospital . The surgery went very well, my mother is able to walk the next day itself.
I thank Dr. Deepak Rao & his entire team & I wish them all the best .
I will recommend my friends & relatives to Rashmi hospital & Dr. Deepak Rao

Shalinidev S

Dr. Deepak is a wonderful doctor. An expert laproscopic surgeon.

The duty doctors and the sisters also very polite.

Thanks a lot doctor.

Anchal Duggal

In my mid 40s I met a miracle Gyanecologist, Dr. Deepak Rao. In my 1st meeting, I decided to go ahead with my hysterectomy with him ànd a week later today I am all healed up. A very capable, understanding and magical care by the doc. The staff is so attentive that I was at loss of words. Blindly, the best team. Kudos.

Fareed Ahamed

Blessed with Baby boy on Oct 3rd 2020. First baby is daughter . Both kids birth is rashmi hospital. Dr Deepak Rao is excellent. Had C-section for first kid and Deepak Rao did C-section very neatly got recovered very fast. That time only we decided to go to Dr Deepak Rao only for next kid. Staff and nurses are very cooperative and have discipline and dedication in their work. Suggest to consult Dr Deepak Rao once then you will not go anywhere else.

Ashutosh Wattal

Dr Deepak Rao is the best there is in Bangalore...
Absolutely professional but caring and responsible...
He wud not ask u for the test which are not needed...
I dont think u can find a better DOCTOR in Bangalore...
Visit him if u need to visit one n m sure u wud not regret ur decision...

Also he wud be always available when u need him...

Jalaja S

Dr Deepak Rao is the best gynec laparoscopic surgeon I think in Bangalore. I was a very difficult case and 2 other laparoscopic surgeons had warned me that I would have complications if I did my hysterectomy laparoscopically.

Dr Deepak re assured me, and all went of fine. I am very happy


Excellent laparoscopic surgeon and doctor with vast experience. Conversations with him help the patients to be at ease. I like his minimalist approach whether it be tests, surgery or medicines. What amazes me is his easy rapport and accessibility.

Nupur Sharma

Dr Deepak Rao is the most calm gynac I have seen. I had consulted him in my pregnancy and had a normal delivery at Rashmi Hospital.He will listen to all your queries and respond to them very calmly. The best part is he is always available, be it in-person, on phone, or on e-mails. He will not ask you to go through non-required tests and would make sure that the whole environment is stress-free.I would strongly recommend him.

A Verified Practo Patient

If there is a gynecologist who is different from others … who is focused more on CARE than optimal time spent of patients, who is more focused on right treatment than insist on choice of how /where his patients get the tests done, who is more focused on relation with patient than opportunity to make money, such a doctor should be known to every want to be mothers.. Hence I write this review.

My case:I had a miscarriage, though been continuously consulting an able doctor in a commercial, successful exclusive maternity hospital.I took enough gap to allow my body to fully recover, then started consulting “top rated” gynecologist for other competing maternity hospitals to find reasons for my miscarriage and how I can start over again **** ***** *********** I was to discover that the hospitals & doctors are focus on optimal churn out of patients / cross selling services from linked diagnostic centers and promoting high margin drugs. There was no CARE for my condition nor was there right guidance.

At this junction, one good friend asked me to Meet MR Deepak Rao from Rashmi HospitalRashmi Hospital is in Indiranagar, Double Road Bangalore. Walk in to this hospital I saw a sea difference from other hospitals, It’s a modern highly equipped hospitals minus the “commercial” MBA business approach. 

The recipe any patient with complicated pregnancy case would look for.Dr Deepak Rao, studied all my reports [again a difference from other hospitals who would suggest to get all tests done again in their own linked diagnostic centers]This time when I got pregnant again, Dr ensured that all my medical parameters are carefully checked, soon not only I discovered why I had a miscarriage in the first round but this time around Dr Deepak Rao was carefully weighing options for my medication. 

He was in touch with us on phone/ email/ sms and I always felt secured.At this junction, all was not well to my husband too. He had to go through an operation. Though my husband was not a patient to Dr Deepak Rao. My doctor would always ask him about his health and would be concerned to our health. [Optimal time taken for patient consultation was not his priority – CARE was]

Even at the last weeks when I had developed a condition that resulted into C section Dr Deepak Rao ensured my baby and I are safe.Today my bundle of joy is 10 months, I visit Rashmi Hospital to meet the pediatrician there, but if our doctor Deepak Rao pass by, He ensures he talks to us in person and genuinely shows care.In short if you are looking for a gynecologist who establishes connect, showers care, gives time, treats your condition optimally and you are in Bangalore – Only Dr Deepak Rao & Rashmi Hospital.

Sowbhagya Lakshmi

Thanks to Dr.Deepak Rao. I was really scared to undergo any procedure from past couple of years. Deepak Sir had explained the procedure very clearly and his words gave me enough courage and confidence to undergo the laproscopy procedure without any fear. Post surgery the staffs had really taken care of me very well throughout my stay in the hospital.

Rajendra Pathak

No doubt that Dr. Deepak Rao Sir is one of the best gyanocologist in Bangalore, this is my personal experience bcoz the time when I came to this hospital, I was in worst situation, they way he's treating his patients that's amazing, I would also like to write about staff, they are amazing and very helpful and cooperative with the patients, when I was there in hospital, they took very good care of me and my baby, everything went smoothly ,I'm happy that we choose Rashmi hospital, I wish best wishes for Rashmi hospital.

Ragini Subramanian

Myself Ragini. I was sent to Dr Deepak Rao sir by my cousin who was also underwent operation at rashmi hospital. She was very happy so told me to go also.

I had very big fibroid tumor, and when I showed at chinmaya hospital, they said that laparoscopy is not possible and I need big open surgery. Deepak sir did it by laparoscopy and I went home in 1 day. No pain. Very happy. Staff also too good with post operation care. very caring sisters.


It's been an amazing experience with Dr.Deepak Rao.
Very patient friendly and informative.

Darshana R

l had my wife admitted for oophorectomy and I am very happy with the way Dr . Deepak Rao has operated my wife. All assisting and nursing staff are very caring and helpful. Covid precautions have been taken well

Ranju Shobha 

Im 22yrs old i was suffering from thryiod problem I was very much worried it may lead to a huge problem.
But I visted Rashmi hospital and consulted Dr Deepak Rao and started my treatment Deepak Sir explained me each and everything very nicely which made me worry free .

Thank you Dr Deepak Rao.

Manoj Chander

Dr Deepak Rao is the best. He operated my wife laparoscopically for fibroids. She was hesitant as other doctors had told her that laparoscopy would be dangerous. Dr Deepak spent time and re assured her. Her stay at Rashmi Hospital was very smooth. Big thanks to Dr Deepak Rao, all his staff and the office too which helped us for our re imbursement from the insurance company.

Sundari Vishwanathan

I had excessive bleeding and my scan did not show any problem. I underwent DNC in two hospitals, but the problem not solved. Then my other doctor said I should get uterus removed. I came to this hospital on advise by my boss, and Dr Deepak Rao Sir adivised a procedure called hysterscpy. I was not sure, but decided to try.

A growth was found, and he removed it at same time. I was in hospital for half a day, and my problem is solved. No need for uterus removal operation now.

Ragini Raghavan

I had large fibroids and I visited Dr Chopde at Philomenas Hospital, and he said that laparoscopy is not possible. I went to Cloud 9, and a gynec there also said the same. I saw a Youtube video about Dr Deepak Rao, and visited him. He said that he wuld do my case laparoscopically.

I was a little unbelieving, but I wanted laparoscpy only, so went ahead. I was admitted on monday morning and discharged on tuesday afternoon. My hysterectomy was so smooth and painless that I could not believe.

Staff are also very good. There is a senior sister Praveena who shouts at pts and makes them walk, but for their own good. She is actually kind person.

Bill was just the same as what Cloud 9 had asked for open surgery. I am very much happy.

Kirthi Sattu

Hi I am Dr.Keerthi from Hyderabad, I worked in Rashmi Hospital around 2014 and 15, my mother in law was suffering with Abnormal Uterine Bleeding since 1year. She consulted so many doctors and was diagnosed with 11cm fibroid with severe anaemia HB 6.5gms undergone 3 units of blood transfusions. Many doctors advised her Abdominal Hysteroscopy due to huge size of fibroid, I discussed the case over phone with Shalini mam and Deepak sir they suggested me Laparoscopic Hysterectomy immediate after blood transfusion, many doctors refused for Laparoscopy due to other comorbidities which she had, with very low haemoglobin even after multiple transfusions and with dense adhesions after 3 caesarean sections.We all were facing very bad and difficult situation. Finally I took her to Rashmi hospital, Banglore. Deepak sir did Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, he took out huge fibroid with a great difficulty. Its been 2 years now she is doing good, she had very bad mood swings with Abnormal Uterine Bleeding. Now she is very happy enjoying with her grandson. Thanks alot Sir and Mam for your great approach and help towards our family.

Nidhi Kapoor

Had a very bad emergency problem and my friend took me to Dr Deepak Rao. He operated me laparoscopically within 1 hour and I was home by one day.

Clean hospital with very good covid precautions in place. Highly recommend the hospital and Dr Deepak Rao

Om Prakash Pandey

Very pleasant experience at Rashmi Hospital. Dr. Deepak Rao is very experienced and I know him from 18 years. He was my wife's doctor for my second child about 18 years back and was also the doctor for my cousin sister recently. He is very professional in his work and his staff is also very active and helpful. The rooms in the hospital are very clean & well furnished (A/C, TV, electric kettle, etc).

The hospital staff were very friendly & took great care of the patient and baby. They also took all necessary precautions every time they visited (hand sanitizer, 3-4 layers of masks, etc) and were well informed on all patient details.

It was a complete 10/10 experience all round. I recommend this hospital to all my family & friends as I can vouch for it being the best.

Shobhana Menon

No words to express. Associated with Dr.Deepak Rao and Dr. Shalini Rao for nearing 20 years now.
I am so grateful to them. My daughter was born at this hospital, had too many issues all through pregnancy, but the doctor was so supportive.
Any Gynecological issues its only Dr.Deepak.
No unnecessary medication, tests, with a simple go problems are solved.
Had recomended couple of friends and relatives and all were so happy.

The well maintained, the staff are too good.
Very grateful to the doctor and team.

Rakesh Singh

We have been visiting Deepak Rao for last 15 years and found he is excellent. His diagnosis and treatment is best.

Roshni Mahadevan

I had developed big fibroids and was told that laparoscopy was not an option, and that I needed open surgery. I had met 2 'senior' gynecologists, one at Manipal Hospital, and one at Cloud 9, and both had said that only open surgery was possible for my case.

I found Dr Deepak Rao thru a google search and was skeptical when he said he would do my surgery laparoscopically, but I went ahead. It cost me less than what I was told for open surgery at Manipal hospital and I was home after just one night at the hospital.

Huge thanks to Dr Rao, and ALL the staff of the hospital. Everything was just smooth. Only, food is not provided, so I had to make arrangements from home, but as it was only 1 day admission, that was not a big trouble.

Staff nurses are also very cooperative.

Archana Patnaik

I had visited Rashmi Hospital (in particular Dr. Deepak Rao) throughout my pregnancy. Being first time parents can be overwhelming and hence we did have zillion questions for the Doc, which he used to answer very calmly and reassuringly on every appointment. The quality of service is top notch with all nursing staff having the best hands-on experience.
I underwent C-section for my delivery and had the quickest recovery (putting all old wives tales to rest about C-section apprehension).
Even during the current COVID situation, lot of well-thought out rules have been placed for the benefit of both mother and child.
Also, the packages are very reasonable with great rooms and cleanliness & hygiene maintained throughout. For the quality of service provided, it's highly recommended to go for any gynecological related issues.
They are absolutely very clear and upfront regarding the cost and also provide all help in getting your insurance papers sorted as well.
It was a very important phase in our life and we trusted Dr. Deepak Rao and his staff completely.

Ashwini Nagaraj

I delivered our second bundle of joy at Rashmi Hospital in December 2020. The experience I had especially during this COVID times was a memorable one. There are many reasons for this:
1. Strict protocols maintained as per COVID guidelines in OT, OPD.
2. Dr. Deepak Rao is one of the best doctors I have come across and was always available to be contacted in case of emergencies and guided on the next steps to be taken immediately.
3. Ample number of nursing staff. They are very courteous and patient.
4. Received the best post-operative care and baby care during my stay at the hospital.
5. Received complete support for documents related to medical insurance processing.

Definitely, the hospitality & care I received here exceeds expectation in comparison to any other corporate hospitals which are specialized for gynaec facilities, since I have experienced it while giving birth to my first one.

Our Whole-hearted thanks to the entire team.

Ashwini & Praveen

Shanthi Kumar

My mother got operated by Dr Deepak Rao 15 years ago, and I did just a few days ago. Both laparoscopically done. When my mother got operated I was very skeptical about laparoscopy as no one was doing it in Bangalore at that time. This time I blindly went ahead and followed Dr Deepak Raos suggestion. Just one night in the hospital and I was back home without even much pain.

I must add that they are taking a lot of care from covid point of view too. Limited pts per day and limited surgeries per day.

Gunjan D

Dr Deepak is highly professional and a great human being I met in long time .He has patience and spends time to understand the problem . He is a saviour for women and an expert in his field . I strongly recommend him . I went through Laparoscopy surgery for my issue and within few days was mobile and on my own , whereas other hospital for years couldn't even identify the actual issue . He is the best . Hospital staff was very nice and cooperative during my procedure and visits .
Thank you Dr Deepak Rao for your guidance and support

Anitha Channu

I underwent hysteroscopy under Dr Deepak Rao ...
I was suffering from heavy bleeding since 1 month I visited many hospital but it was not in use . I heard about Dr Deepak Rao through reviews I visited him Doctor suggested to do surgery. The procedure went on very well I was back to home the same evening. Now I'm completely fine without any problem. Thank you doctor.
Hospital is every homely environment all staffs very good and caring supportive.

Thank you enitre Rashmi hospital team .

Aarthi Bhatt

My periods stopped 10 years ago. But I started bleeding again. My family doctor sent me to a lady doctor who suggested that i should have uterus removed. My sister in Coimbatore suggested that I meet Dr. Deepak as her daughter was his patient.
I met him. He very patiently explained to me that I need a hysteroscopy first as the lining of my uterus was very thick. My children are in the US so he explained everything to my daughter on phone and email.
For the hysteroscopy I was in the hospital for a few hours. I had a polyp which was removed and sent for biopsy.It was clear and my bleeding stopped.
Dr.Deepak spent a long time explaining everything. His hospital is very clean. And the staff very friendly. Even the housekeeping staff are very polite.

Anushya Prabhakaran

My sister come for laparoscopic hysterectomy under Dr Deepak Rao and Dr shalini rao surgery was done successfully.
Dr Deepak and Dr shalini are very excellent doctors never seen yet. We are very happy with the services provided at the hospital Starting from the front desk to house keeping.

Hospital is very neat and hygiene housekeeping staff are very kind friendly and are available around all time..

Thanks to entire Rashmi team.
It's highly recommend for laparoscopic surgeries..

Gnasam Mani

I was suffering from heavy bleeding with huge tumor I visited many doctors all suggersted for open surgery.

Finally I consulted Dr Deepak Rao at Rashmi hospital he is the only person suggested for lazer surgery . Everything went on well I was back to home same evening .very happy with services provided at the hospital all staff are very good and supportive.

I thank Dr Deepak Rao, Dr Shalini Rao and entire Rashmi hospital team.

Sharada Pillai

I had a bleeding problem 5 years after my menopause. Dr Deepak Rao advised a hysteroscopy and it showed a pre cancerous condition, and he did a laparoscopic hysterectomy for my the next week itself. I was in the hospital only for 1 night and had no pain. Staff are excellent and caring. Covid precautions are being taken well.

Hospital did not have cashless tie up with my insurance company but it was worth it to pay and claim. Hospital office helped me with all the processes for the claim.

Madhulika R

When I was 8 weeks pregnant, I had some bleeding and was admitted in Rashmi Hospital. I arrived at the hospital at 6.30am. In the wee hours of the morning, the nurses took care and made sure I was comfortable in the room. Dr. Deepak treated me immediately and within a day the bleeding stopped. I was at the hospital for 3 days and during this time the team of nurses looked after me with lots of care.

Recently, at 14 weeks pregnant, I was admitted again for a cervical cerclage procedure. I was quite scared but Dr. Deepak calmed me down and told me not to worry. Everything went off well without a hitch. This time I was at the hospital for 2 days. Again, thanks to Dr. Deepak and his team of lovely nurses who worked tirelessly to make me feel comfortable and relaxed during the entire time! Dr. Deepak is the best doctor in town! I felt like I was being taken care of like a family member, rather than a patient! Thank you, Dr. Deepak and the entire staff at Rashmi Hospital!

Raja A

As im Raja i would like to share my experince with Rashmi hospital ,My wife was suffering from urinary infection since many years. when ever she cough's she was having a leakage without her knowledge, we visited many place around but there was no soultion, finally we meet Dr Deepak Rao through google reviews and consulted him, he suggested for Laparoscopic surgery with Mesh and it went well. she was back to home the same evening now she is free from the problem and very comfortable.

I thank Dr Deepak Rao for the successfull surgery and Overall enitre rashmi hospital team for the wonderfull service and for the good care provided ...

Dinesh Reddy

My wife Mamatha got her hysterectomy done through laparoscopy it was such a smooth sailing never felt like it was like a major surgery and had to spend only one night in the hospital.
The staff are ever courteous be it pre surgery or post surgery.
Dr.Deepak Rao highly specialised should say loudly.

Vidya Iyengar

My mother was having continous bleeding. The doctor in her village kept giving her drips and even 1 bottle of blood. But the bleeding did not stop. One of my colleagues had been operated by Dr. Deepak Rao and suggested that I bring my mother to Bangalore and consult him.
Dr Deepak Rao had a look at my mother's reports and said that she would need a laparoscopic hysterectomy. My mother was very reluctant as many of her friends had their uterus removed with a big scar and had to take rest for a long time.
Dr Deepak told us that he does only Laparoscopic Hysterectomies and there would be no scars. She would be discharged the next day and back in her village by the weekend.
There was a language problem as Dr Deepak Rao does not speak Tamil. But his wife, Dr.Shalini spent time with my mother and explained everything to her in detail.
My mother is back home now and trouble free

Vinod Kulkarni

Dr Deepak Rao is an excellent Laparoscopic surgeon. My wife as well as my sister in law have been operated by him.
My wife was a complicated case as she had 3 previous surgeries for endometriosis. We had been told that laparoscopic surgery would be impossible for her including at some big cooperate hospitals.Dr Deepak very patiently explained everything. He did a Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy(TLH). We were very happy with the care including the cheerful housekeeping staff.

Lourd Mary

I was suffering from severe stomach visted many hospital but did not get right treatment
By Google reviews i came to know about Dr Deepak Rao i visited Rashmi hospital consulted him . Dr Deepak suggested scan through that i came to know i was suffering from endometriosis Dr Deepak suggested for laparoscopic surgery I was more worried as I'm unmarried about the scars but Dr shalini Rao and Dr Deepak Rao explained very well Surgery went on well .
I thank Dr Deepak Rao Dr shalini Rao and enitre Rashmi hospital team . Hospital is very homely atmosphere neat and hygiene staffs are excellent..

Paulina Mani

I was suffering from severe stomach visted many hospital but did not get right treatment
By Google reviews i came to know about Dr Deepak Rao i visited Rashmi hospital consulted him . Dr Deepak suggested scan through that i came to know i was suffering from endometriosis Dr Deepak suggested for laparoscopic surgery I was more worried as I'm unmarried about the scars but Dr shalini Rao and Dr Deepak Rao explained very well Surgery went on well .
I thank Dr Deepak Rao Dr shalini Rao and enitre Rashmi hospital team . Hospital is very homely atmosphere neat and hygiene staffs are excellent..

Hamsa Setlur

Dr. Deepak is very patient, was highly recommended by another doctor we know as one of the best. Where most doctors might shrug at this or hurry through, Dr. Deepak listened to my amateur research and addressed my questions with alacrity, which built a level of confidence in us about his expertise we have seldom experienced. He is also always available :). The hospital team is also very professional and friendly with all the administrative support - insurance, paperwork etc...

Leena Sony

Very good doctors and staff.

Dr. Deepak Rao is a very good doctor, humble, listen to all queries, explain things patiently. I had got done my hysterectomy here. I went to Appolo Hospital first where they said, only open surgery is possible because i had large fibroid and my utreus was enlarged. I was very scared for an open surgery and went to Dr. Deepak Rao, who was my gynaecologist 10 years back. He assured me he can do it through laparoscopic surgery and done it successfully.

Thank you so much Doctor and all the staff.

Amrita Bakshi

Dr Deepak Rao is an excellent laproscopic surgeon. The kind of expertise he has I would say you are in very good hands.

Prashanti Shenoy

Myself Prashanti married for 5 years, not successful in conceiving. I met many doctors and spent so much money and time. I was advised even IVF.
My husband's boss told me to meet Dr. Deepak.
Dr. Deepak advised me and a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. The ultrasound showed a polyp as he said that is most likely the problem. He removed polyp and also confirmed that there was no other problem.
I became pregnant in 3 months. I am carrying now doing good.
We will be having our baby in Rashmi Hospital soon. Thank you Sir

Karthik Anand

My wife was having heavy bleeding during her periods. Her ultrasound revealed multiple fibroids. And her Haemoglobin was 7. Her regular doctor told her that she needed a blood transfusion. She was given a blood transfusion but the bleeding continued and the haemoglobin was still 7.5. We asked the doctor about surgery. But she could not give a proper reply.

So we took a second opinion. This gynecologist suggested an open surgery and removal of the fibroids only. My wife was very keen on getting a laparoscopic surgery done. She did some extensive reading and we met Dr Deepak who was suggested to us by our neighbour.

We met Dr. Deepak at Rashmi Hospital. We explained the difference between a Laparoscopic Myomectomy and a Laparoscopic Hysterectomy. He also said that since we already had 2 children and my wife had a family planning surgery a Laparoscopic Hysterectomy may be a better idea- solves the problem once and for all.

We went ahead with the laparoscopic hysterectomy. There were some insurance issues but that was quickly sorted out. Our experience in Rashmi Hospital was very pleasant. Cheers to the whole team!

Santhapillai Kuttan

I am knowing Dr Deepak Rao and Dr shalini Rao from many years. many of my relatives have been admiitted in Rashmi hospital some have came for laparoscopic sugery and some for delivery.

Dr Deepak is a very humble and good human beign. he is having lucky hand.

I am fully satisfied with the services in the hospital. All the departments are doing good work.

Jisha Janardhanan

I'm jisha, I lost my hus before 2yrs, I have 1 daughter. my problem was over bleeding tiedness because of fibroid. I consult 3 to 5 doctors in Bangalore and kerala from 5 yrs , some Drs told me u won't get any problem from that in 100% 90% of ladies are facing this problem, and some Drs told u should remove the utres by open surgery cont do by laproscopy.reasontly my condition was very bad, that time I told my problem with my family friend mrs jayasree. She was working in rashmi hospital, she taken me to dr. Deepak rao. Dr saw my condition and told to remove fibroid immediately and my heomoglobin was very less under 7, Dr Deepak rao save my life by trasfer 3 units of blood and by laproscopy only he remove the fibroid. Even the staff and nurses working here they treated me like there own house member. Now I'm very happy today Im going to discharge.

Muthukumar Ramamoorthy

Dr has been very cordial in explaining every detail. Listens patiently to every query from the attender, comforts patients with precise details and ensures they are safe in hands. Dr's wife (who is a Dr too) has been very knowledgeable, kind and provides clarity.

The hospital management , staff and house keeping staffs were all too kind.

The hospital premises is very clean.

Though the hospital does not have a cafeteria, thanks to the locality of the hospital that anything the patient / attenders need they are just a walkable distance away.