To Contact Dr Deepak Rao

To contact Dr Deepak Rao Consultant Laparoscopic Surgeon       

 Dr Deepak Rao's personal phone [for emergencies] 9980015425   

E-mail: or for non emergency issues and for reports etc. ALWAYS send consultation sheet with every mail.   When you send an e-mail PLEASE always send a pic/scan of the consultation sheet. Without that, I will not be able to respond.   When you send a mail, there is NO NEED to call and inform. I will see it and reply usually within a day.  

For appointments with Dr Deepak Rao: 9880108844   

You can try Motherhood lines for appointments but in case of any difficulty please contact above number   

In case of an emergency where you cannot get through to me, JUST COME TO MOTHERHOOD HOSPITAL, INDIRANAGAR, and they will handle it as well as contact me on alternative numbers.


For appointments please call 

+91 80 2519 0023
+91 80 2519 0024
+91 9880108844